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Virtual Grand Rounds

Virtual Grand Rounds

Podium didactic videos produced exclusively for BLOCKJOCKS VIP subscribers.

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Virtual Grand Rounds
  • Sports Ultrasound: An MSK Review

    Dr. Brett Kindle, a non-surgical sports medicine expert at the Andrews Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, reviews musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound with an emphasis on the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of athletic injuries. Dr. Kindle reviews normal and abnormal sonographic appear...

  • US-Guided RAPM Certification

    VIP Grand Rounds: Dr. Paul Willoughby, Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at Stony Brook University Medical Center, discusses "Ultrasound-Guided RAPM Certification: Current Status & Do You Need One to Practice Ultrasound-Guided Blocks."

  • Introduction to Ultrasound Physics & Image Optimization

    VIP Grand Rounds: Dr. Brandon Winchester, the regional anesthesia fellowship director at the Andrews Institute, reviews the building blocks of using ultrasound for nerve blocks. He discusses basic ultrasound physics; probe selection; plane and axis; PAR(R)T maneuvers; and tips for optimizing nee...

  • Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

    VIP Grand Rounds: Dr. Dean Giacobbe, an anesthesiologist with the Anesthesia Consultants of New Jersey and medical director of the University Center for Ambulatory Surgery, discusses the system preparation and program development of a successful outpatient total joint program, including the role...

  • US-Guided Regional Anesthesia for Orthopedics

    VIP Grand Rounds: Brandon Winchester, regional anesthesia fellowship director at the Andrews Institute & co-founder of BLOCKJOCKS.COM, discusses ultrasound guided regional anesthesia during a lecture at the weekly fellow's conference.