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Pectoralis & Serratus Plane Blocks

Pectoralis & Serratus Plane Blocks

Video series covering PECS1, PECS2, Serratus Anterior Plane, and other chest wall block.

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Pectoralis & Serratus Plane Blocks
  • *NEW* Serratus Anterior Plane Blocks

    Dr. Richard Teames, the director of regional anesthesia at John Peter Smith Hospital discusses the what, why, and how of serratus anterior plane (SAP) blocks for postoperative analgesia of the chest and axilla including rib fractures, thoracotomies, and VATs procedures.

    In addition to his lea...

  • Pecto-intercostal Fascial Plane Block

    Dr. Christopher Prabhakar, MD, Regional Anesthesia Director at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, discusses the Pecto-Intercostal Fascial Plane Block and its application for treating acute pain after cardiac surgery. The initial case report describing Pecto-Intercostal Fascial Plane Blocks...

  • LSORA Ultrasound guided PECS II (2) Block

    This PECS II (2) video tutorial was created by Dr Mark Ibrahim & Dr Parthipan Jegendirabose (PJ) - both Regional Anaesthesia Fellows, & Dr Amit Pawa, Consultant Anaesthetist & Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship Director at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London UK. It covers the relevant anatomy, sonoa...

  • Chest Wall Blocks- PECS I, PECS II, Serratus Plane, and Pectoral Intercostal Blocks

    VIP Lecture Series: Dr. Vlad Frenk, an anesthesiologist at Stamford Hospital and instructor at the Stamford School of Regional Anesthesia (, discusses the role of several innovative chest wall blocks: PECS I, PECS II, Serratus Plane, and Pectoral Intercostal blocks. These ...