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Free Didactic & Demo Videos

Free Didactic & Demo Videos

Free basic didactic & demonstration videos on

Free Didactic & Demo Videos
  • *NEW* Airway Ultrasound

    Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to high-risk airway management and your ultrasound skills can make all the difference. Identify where the surgical airway should go before you undertake a high-risk intubation or identify highly vascularized thyroid tissue before you perform a tracheostomy. T...

  • The ESP (Erector Spinae Plane) Block

    The video was created by Dr. Vicente Roques, an anesthesiologist at el Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca in Murcia, Spain, with contributions from Dr. Mauricio Forero and Dr. Ki Jinn Chin. They summarize the current (2017) understanding of the ESP block including anatomy, possible mech...

  • FREE Cadaver Demo- Saphenous Nerve & Nerve to Vastus Medialis in the Mid-Thigh

    In this FREE BLOCKJOCKS BASIC cadaver demonstration video Dr. Brianne Owens and Dr. Greg Hickman demonstrate the separate compartmentalization of the saphenous nerve and the nerve to vastus medialis (NVM) at the mid-thigh. This finding mirrors their clinical experience during ultrasound-guided ad...

  • LSORA Ultrasound guided PECS II (2) Block

    This PECS II (2) video tutorial was created by Dr Mark Ibrahim & Dr Parthipan Jegendirabose (PJ) - both Regional Anaesthesia Fellows, & Dr Amit Pawa, Consultant Anaesthetist & Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship Director at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London UK. It covers the relevant anatomy, sonoa...

  • Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Scanning Demonstration

    Brandon Winchester gives a live ultrasound demonstration of basic posterior and subcostal TAP block scanning at an Ultrasound and Cadaver Workshop at the Andrews Institute.

  • Successful Billing for Nerve Block Catheters- Live Webcast Archive from 6-11-2014

    On-demand archived video of the live broadcast 6/11/14 from the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, FL where our esteemed faculty discuss billing for a successful continuous nerve block catheter program. We discuss billing for catheters and ultrasound for in-patient, HOPD, and ASC programs, includi...

  • Economics of an Ambulatory Catheter Program- Live Webcast Archive

    Dr. Greg Hickman, medical director at the Andrews Institute ASC, delivers a live studio webcast discussing the economics of an ambulatory continuous nerve block catheter program at an ASC. Dr. Brandon Winchester moderates the Q&A.

  • AUDIO PODCAST- Opioid Abuse Post-Surgery and Tips for Safe Pain Management

    BLOCKJOCKS.COM co-founder, Dr. Greg Hickman makes a guest appearance on "One Hour at a Time" to discuss the placement of continuous perineural catheters as a method to reduce the use of narcotics postoperatively. This weekly radio show on VoiceAmerica is devoted to improving understanding about s...

  • The "Hickman Flip" for Interscalene Catheter Placement- Webinar Teaser

    To watch the full webinar visit:
    (requires a Sonosite Institute account available to SonoSite Ultrasound customers)

    Gregory V. Hickman, MD, Medical Director and Anesthesia Director from the Andrews Institute, ASC discusses the "Hickman Flip" approach...