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Featured Free Videos

Featured Free Videos

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Featured Free Videos
  • *NEW* Airway Ultrasound

    Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to high-risk airway management and your ultrasound skills can make all the difference. Identify where the surgical airway should go before you undertake a high-risk intubation or identify highly vascularized thyroid tissue before you perform a tracheostomy. T...

  • 2019 Block Nurse Course at the Andrews Institute

    Register here for the 7th Annual Block Nurse Course:
    The Block Nurse Course at the Andrews Institute is a day and a half workshop focusing on introducing and developing the specialty of Regional Anesthesia nursing. The course follows a curricul...

  • The Gift of BLOCKJOCKS VIP

    Looking for a last minute present for an anesthesia provider this holiday season? Give the gift of BLOCKJOCKS VIP, the premium ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia video education subscription on To purchase, go to, select "Start New Trial," click the box for "...

  • Blockjocks VIP Gifting Tutorial

    This tutorial walk through video demonstrates how to easily give the gift of a BLOCKJOCKS VIP subscription to a friend or colleague. To purchase, go to, select "Start New Trial," click the box for "Gift This," and complete the required fields. It's that easy!

  • Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia Preceptorship at the Andrews Institute

    Earn 20 CME's while enjoying a beach vacation with your family

    To enroll visit:

  • Certa Catheter Cadaver Demonstration

    Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates the placement of a popliteal sciatic catheter on a cadaver leg using the Certa Catheter, an innovative new type of continuous perineural catheter used to provide long lasting postoperative pain control after surgery.

  • STATS Block Demonstration for World Congress

    Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates an ultrasound-guided STATS block, a Selective Tibial Approach To the Sciatic Nerve, for postoperative pain control for a left foot ganglion cyst excision and peroneal tendon debridement. The video is introduced by Dr. Winchester's 11 year old son Jimmy, with a ...

  • Intraarticular Block with Wireless Ultrasound

    Dr. Greg Hickman from the Andrews Institute ASC demonstrates an ultrasound-guided intraarticular knee injection for knee arthroscopy using a Clarius handheld linear ultrasound transducer connected wirelessly to an iPad Mini.

  • The ESP (Erector Spinae Plane) Block

    The video was created by Dr. Vicente Roques, an anesthesiologist at el Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca in Murcia, Spain, with contributions from Dr. Mauricio Forero and Dr. Ki Jinn Chin. They summarize the current (2017) understanding of the ESP block including anatomy, possible mech...

  • LSORA Quadratus Lumborum Block

    This video tutorial was created by Dr Parthipan Jegendirabose (PJ) - Consultant Anaesthetist at Colchester General Hospital, UK, and Dr Amit Pawa, and Dr Mark Ibrahim who are both Consultant Anaesthetists at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK. Dr Amit Pawa is also the Regional ...

  • Blockjocks VIP Trailer

    This video highlights the benefits of a subscription to the BLOCKJOCKS Virtual Interactive Preceptorship (VIP), the premium subscription available on To sign up for a one week FREE trial click here:

  • FREE Cadaver Demo- Saphenous Nerve & Nerve to Vastus Medialis in the Mid-Thigh

    In this FREE BLOCKJOCKS BASIC cadaver demonstration video Dr. Brianne Owens and Dr. Greg Hickman demonstrate the separate compartmentalization of the saphenous nerve and the nerve to vastus medialis (NVM) at the mid-thigh. This finding mirrors their clinical experience during ultrasound-guided ad...

  • Retrobulbar, Supraorbital, and Facial Nerve Blocks with Google Glass

    In this new VIP Block of the Day video Dr. Saad Kamal performs retrobulbar, supraorbital, and facial nerve blocks under propofol sedation for surgical anesthesia for retinal surgery.

  • Late Branching Musculocutaneous Nerve

    In this video by Dr. Saad Kamal, with an introduction by Dr. Brandon Winchester, we demonstrate an important anatomic variation occasionally found during axillary brachial plexus blocks: a late branching musculocutaneous nerve off the lateral cord. When this variation occurs it results in difficu...

  • The "Hickman Flip" for Interscalene Catheter Placement- Webinar Teaser

    To watch the full webinar visit:
    (requires a Sonosite Institute account available to SonoSite Ultrasound customers)

    Gregory V. Hickman, MD, Medical Director and Anesthesia Director from the Andrews Institute, ASC discusses the "Hickman Flip" approach...

  • Virtual Ultrasound Workshop- Introduction

    In this video Dr. Brandon Winchester highlights the newest video series on available exclusively to Blockjocks VIP subscribers, the Virtual Ultrasound Workshop. With the popularity of hands-on ultrasound workshops, we decided to simulate these courses online by comprehensively disc...