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Popliteal & Other Sciatic Blocks

Popliteal & Other Sciatic Blocks

Ultrasound guided sciatic block procedure, lecture, & demonstration videos.

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Popliteal & Other Sciatic Blocks
  • Certa Catheter Cadaver Demonstration

    Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates the placement of a popliteal sciatic catheter on a cadaver leg using the Certa Catheter, an innovative new type of continuous perineural catheter used to provide long lasting postoperative pain control after surgery.

  • US-Guided Subgluteal Sciatic Cath with Google Glass

    In this Block of the Day video recorded with Google Glass Dr. Brandon Winchester performs an ultrasound-guided subgluteal sciatic catheter for LCL reconstruction using an in-plane long-axis technique.

    Please note: it is not possible to hide a patient's face when using Google Glass. This patie...

  • US-Guided Popliteal Catheter Placed in the Long Axis

    Dr. Stephen Anderson, an anesthesiologist with Northside Anesthesiology Consultants in Atlanta and former regional anesthesia fellow at the Andrews Institute, performs a popliteal sciatic catheter for postoperative pain control after major foot surgery. After noticing an increased incidence of in...

  • Optimizing Nerve & Needle Visualization Duration a Popliteal Sciatic Block

    Dr. Scott Thomas, a former regional anesthesia fellow at the Andrews Institute, performs a popliteal sciatic block while focusing on the basic ultrasound probe maneuvers and needle manipulation tips used to optimize both target nerve and needle visualization.

  • US-Guided Tunneled Popliteal Catheter

    Dr. Hickman, medical director at the Andrews Institute ASC, performs a continuous popliteal sciatic nerve block catheter with ultrasound guidance for major ankle surgery.

  • Supine Popliteal Block

    Block of the Day #15: Greg Hickman performs a supine US-guided popliteal block at the Andrews Institute.

  • Three Approaches to Ultrasound Guided Sciatic Nerve Blocks

    VIP Lecture Series: Dr. Emily Lin, an anesthesiologist with North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) in New York City, discusses three different approaches to ultrasound-guided sciatic nerve blocks: popliteal, anterior, and subgluteal.

  • US-Guided Sciatic Blocks

    VIP Lecture Series: Dr. Mitch Fingerman, Regional Anesthesia Division Chief and Fellowship Director at Washington University, discusses ultrasound-guided sciatic nerve blocks.

  • Popliteal Virtual Ultrasound Workshop

    In this new Virtual Ultrasound Workshop video Dr. Brandon Winchester explains tips and tricks for the successful and safe placement of popliteal sciatic nerve blocks & catheters.

    The BLOCKJOCKS Virtual Ultrasound Workshop comprehensively discusses and demonstrates scanning & technique consider...