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Isolated Tibial

Isolated Tibial

Ultrasound guided low volume tibial nerve block procedure videos intended to spare the peroneal nerve and foot drop while still providing deep posterior analgesia for major knee surgery.

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Isolated Tibial
  • Modified Lateral Tibial Nerve Block with Ultrasound

    In this video Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates an ultrasound-guided tibial nerve block for posterior analgesia for an ACL reconstruction with ipsilateral patellar tendon graft.
    The patient in positioned in a modified lateral decubitus position with the surgical side in the dependent position ...

  • US-Guided Supine Tibial Nerve Block

    In this video Dr. Greg Hickman demonstrates a supine technique for performing an ultrasound-guided tibial nerve block to supplement an adductor canal block for posterior postoperative pain control after ACL reconstruction.

  • Tibial Nerve Block- Medial Prone Approach

    Scott Thomas, former regional anesthesia fellow at the Andrews Institute, demonstrates an ultrasound guided foot-drop-sparing tibial nerve block as an alternative to sciatic block for secondary pain control for ACL reconstruction. Dr. Thomas uses a prone approach which allows him to remain on the...

  • US-Guided Tibial Block

    Brandon Winchester places a tibial nerve block as a foot-drop sparing alternative to a full popliteal sciatic block for secondary analgesia for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.