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Ultrasound guided infraclavicular brachial plexus block procedure, lecture, & demonstration videos.

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  • Infraclavicular Virtual Ultrasound Workshop

    In this new Virtual Ultrasound Workshop video Dr. Brandon Winchester explains tips and tricks for the successful and safe placement of infraclavicular blocks and continuous infraclavicular catheters.

    The BLOCKJOCKS Virtual Ultrasound Workshop comprehensively discusses and demonstrates scanning...

  • Bilateral Ultrasound-Guided Infraclavicular Blocks

    Dr. Brandon Winchester performs bilateral ultrasound-guided infraclavicular blocks for a patient having ORIF of bilateral distal radius fractures. In addition to demonstrating the block techniques he discusses several important additional factors unique to this case including vascular access, pul...

  • US-Guided Infraclavicular Catheter- Dealing with an Aberrant Vessel

    Brandon Winchester performs a continuous infraclavicular catheter and demonstrates the identification and avoidance of an aberrant vein in the usual path of the needle. Other tips demonstrated include:
    -holding the non-sterile ultrasound transducer through the clear sterile drape
    -3 keys to needl...

  • US-Guided Infraclavicular Block

    Dr. Winchester places a single-shot infraclavicular block for postop analgesia for an ulnar nerve transposition at the elbow. He prefaces the block by discussing the three key steps to optimal needle visualization, then proceeds with a multiple injection technique targeting each of the three cord...

  • Infraclavicular Catheter

    Block of the Day #13: Brandon Winchester performs an US-guided IC cath at Andrews Institute.

  • Infraclavicular with Sonosite Needle Visualization Software

    Block of the Day #18: Brandon Winchester performs an ultrasound-guided infraclavicular block, and compares the views obtained with or without needle visualization software using a Sonosite S-Nerve ultrasound system with an HFL50 high frequency linear transducer.