Ultrasound guided femoral nerve block procedure, lecture, & demonstration videos.

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  • Femoral Cath in 360VR- Hyperframe Edition

    To experience this video in full 4K 360 virtual reality (360VR) go to https://vimeo.com/240418134 and enter the password shown at the 25 second mark in this VIP video (360VR videos must be watched on a computer browser- Chrome or Firefox- or using the Vimeo app on your IOS or Android device. You ...

  • Femoral Virtual Ultrasound Workshop

    In this new Virtual Ultrasound Workshop video Dr. Brandon Winchester explains tips and tricks for the successful and safe placement of femoral nerve blocks & catheters.

    The BLOCKJOCKS Virtual Ultrasound Workshop comprehensively discusses and demonstrates scanning & technique considerations for...

  • How to Perform an Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Block

    Dr. Stuart Grant, Professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University, describes the anatomy, equipment and technique for the successful placement of an ultrasound-guided femoral nerve block.

    Purchase Dr. Grant's 2nd edition textbook here: http://bit.ly/stuart_grant_2nd_edition

  • Femoral Catheter

    Block of the Day #9: Brandon Winchester places an US-guided femoral catheter at Andrews Institute for ACL reconstruction.

  • Part 1 of 3: Can a Saphenous/Adductor Canal Block Replace a Femoral Block for ACL? Dry Femoral Catheter

    Brandon Winchester performs a dry femoral catheter (part 1), saphenous/adductor canal block (part 2), and popliteal block (part 3) for ACL surgery in an ongoing effort to assess the saphenous block as a suitable replacement for a femoral block.

  • Contiplex C Femoral Catheter

    Dr. Scott Thomas performs a continuous ultrasound guided femoral catheter for ACL reconstruction using the Contiplex C catheter kit from B-Braun, while Dr. Brandon Winchester annotates the procedure.

  • US-Guided Femoral Catheter with Arrow StimuCath

    Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates the placement of a continuous femoral nerve catheter using the Arrow StimuCath, a tray which includes a stimulating needle and stimulating catheter.

  • Femoral Catheter Dressing Placement with Histoacryl Skin Sealant

    Dr. Scott Thomas, former regional anesthesia fellow at the Andrews Institute, demonstrates the placement of a dressing for a femoral nerve catheter, including the off-label use of Histoacryl skin sealant to prevent leakage and lessen the likelihood of catheter dislodgement.

  • US-Guided Tunneled Femoral Catheter

    BLOCKJOCKS BLOCK OF THE DAY #27: Greg Hickman performs an ultrasound-guided tunneled femoral catheter for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair on a college football player at the Andrews Institute.

  • US-Guided Femoral Blocks

    VIP Lecture Series: Dr. Dickson Wu, from the North Shore University Health System in Chicago, discusses the use of ultrasound-guided femoral blocks.