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Ultrasound guided femoral nerve block procedure, lecture, & demonstration videos.

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  • Femoral Cath in 360VR- Hyperframe Edition

    To experience this video in full 4K 360 virtual reality (360VR) go to and enter the password shown at the 25 second mark in this VIP video (360VR videos must be watched on a computer browser- Chrome or Firefox- or using the Vimeo app on your IOS or Android device. You ...

  • Femoral Virtual Ultrasound Workshop

    In this new Virtual Ultrasound Workshop video Dr. Brandon Winchester explains tips and tricks for the successful and safe placement of femoral nerve blocks & catheters.

    The BLOCKJOCKS Virtual Ultrasound Workshop comprehensively discusses and demonstrates scanning & technique considerations for...

  • How to Perform an Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Block

    Dr. Stuart Grant, Professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University, describes the anatomy, equipment and technique for the successful placement of an ultrasound-guided femoral nerve block.

    Purchase Dr. Grant's 2nd edition textbook here:

  • Femoral Catheter

    Block of the Day #9: Brandon Winchester places an US-guided femoral catheter at Andrews Institute for ACL reconstruction.

  • Part 1 of 3: Can a Saphenous/Adductor Canal Block Replace a Femoral Block for ACL? Dry Femoral Catheter

    Brandon Winchester performs a dry femoral catheter (part 1), saphenous/adductor canal block (part 2), and popliteal block (part 3) for ACL surgery in an ongoing effort to assess the saphenous block as a suitable replacement for a femoral block.

  • Contiplex C Femoral Catheter

    Dr. Scott Thomas performs a continuous ultrasound guided femoral catheter for ACL reconstruction using the Contiplex C catheter kit from B-Braun, while Dr. Brandon Winchester annotates the procedure.

  • US-Guided Femoral Catheter with Arrow StimuCath

    Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates the placement of a continuous femoral nerve catheter using the Arrow StimuCath, a tray which includes a stimulating needle and stimulating catheter.

  • Femoral Catheter Dressing Placement with Histoacryl Skin Sealant

    Dr. Scott Thomas, former regional anesthesia fellow at the Andrews Institute, demonstrates the placement of a dressing for a femoral nerve catheter, including the off-label use of Histoacryl skin sealant to prevent leakage and lessen the likelihood of catheter dislodgement.

  • US-Guided Tunneled Femoral Catheter

    BLOCKJOCKS BLOCK OF THE DAY #27: Greg Hickman performs an ultrasound-guided tunneled femoral catheter for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair on a college football player at the Andrews Institute.

  • US-Guided Femoral Blocks

    VIP Lecture Series: Dr. Dickson Wu, from the North Shore University Health System in Chicago, discusses the use of ultrasound-guided femoral blocks.