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Cadaver Demonstrations

Cadaver Demonstrations

A collection of videos using cadaver specimens to demonstrate various ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia techniques including relative anatomy and the spread patterns of injectate.

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Cadaver Demonstrations
  • Certa Catheter Cadaver Demonstration

    Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates the placement of a popliteal sciatic catheter on a cadaver leg using the Certa Catheter, an innovative new type of continuous perineural catheter used to provide long lasting postoperative pain control after surgery.

  • FREE Cadaver Demo- Saphenous Nerve & Nerve to Vastus Medialis in the Mid-Thigh

    In this FREE BLOCKJOCKS BASIC cadaver demonstration video Dr. Brianne Owens and Dr. Greg Hickman demonstrate the separate compartmentalization of the saphenous nerve and the nerve to vastus medialis (NVM) at the mid-thigh. This finding mirrors their clinical experience during ultrasound-guided ad...

  • VIP Cadaver Demo: STATS Blocks

    Dr. Saad Kamal & Dr. Greg Hickman use a cadaver to demonstrate the pattern of dye spread during an ultrasound-guided STATS Block. The STATS block, or Selective Tibial Approach To the Sciatic nerve, is a novel technique which allows the entire sciatic nerve to be blocked without ever coming into c...

  • VIP Cadaver Demo- Assessing the Spread of Injectate in the Adductor Canal

    Greg Hickman uses a cadaver leg and dye to demonstrate the extensive proximal and distal spread seen with an adductor canal block when just 10ml is injected.