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4 Seasons

The BLOCKJOCKS VIP symposium is a recurring lecture series featuring experts on regional anesthesia & acute pain medicine from around the world. New seasons of the VIP Symposium with new lectures are released regularly onto so stay tuned. Join our email list or follow the BLOCKJOCKS Facebook fan page to be notified with each new lecture video release!

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  • Ultrasound of the Spine for Lumbar Neuraxial Blockade

    Episode 1

    VIP Lecture Series: Dr. Ki Jinn Chin, an associate professor of anesthesiology at the University of Toronto, reviews ultrasound for lumbar neuraxial blockade, including sonoanatomy, evidence, and clinical technique.

  • Basic Lung Ultrasound

    Episode 2

    In this Blockjocks VIP Lecture Dr. Stephen Haskins, an Assistant Attending Anesthesiologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery and Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) expert, discusses the role of lung ultrasound in a regional anesthesia practice.

    Read Dr. Haskin's recent article in Regional An...

  • Perioperative Multimodal Pain Management

    Episode 3

    In this VIP lecture video Dr. Colette Curtis, the Director of Acute Pain Management at Emory University, discusses multimodal analgesia. Dr. Curtis highlights the opioid crisis our country currently faces and reviews evidence-based acute pain management strategies with a focus on non-narcotic ana...

  • Adductor Canal Catheters for TKA & ACL Reconstructions

    Episode 4

    In this new VIP lecture video Dr. Sonia Szlyk, the director or regional anesthesia for the North American Partners in Anesthesia mid-Atlantic division, discusses perioperative considerations for the placement of adductor canal catheters for postoperative pain control for total knee replacements a...

  • High Sciatic Nerve Block Approaches

    Episode 5

    In this new VIP lecture video Dr. Sylvia Wilson, an associate professor of anesthesiology at the Medical University of South Carolina, discusses various proximal techniques for blocking the sciatic nerve.

  • Peds Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management

    Episode 6

    Dr. Karen Boretsky, the director of pediatric regional anesthesia at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, discusses pediatric regional anesthesia & pain management.

  • Benefits of Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks

    Episode 7

    In this new BLOCKJOCKS VIP Lecture Dr. Jerry Jones, an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis, discusses the benefits of continuous perineural catheters including improved patient outcomes, impact on the overall health care system, o...

  • Multimodal: Enhance Block & Protect Patient

    Episode 8

    Dr. Mark Zimmerman, an anesthesiologist at the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH), discusses multimodal anesthesia strategies to complement regional anesthesia techniques to enhance your block and protect your patient.